As a loving, caring dog owner, you want your precious dog to look stylish, certainly more stylish than your friend's and neighbor's dogs.


It 's only natural to spoil'em, you know.  If your dog looks and feels good, so do you!  You just can't help it.  It's a feeling that us dog owners just get!


Pamper your prized dog and other animals with our custom-fitted, fleece-lined dog coats, vests and jackets.  Each one is handcrafted for a perfect fit, specifically designed for your dog!  They are so comfortable, your dog won't even know it's there.


Dear dog and pet lovers everywhere:


Out here in the deep woods of northern New Hampshire, it can be cold, real freakin' cold!


When it's so frigid outside, my dogs won't even go out to pee!  When it's time, they just stand at the doorway, shivering so hard that it makes me cold just watching them.


K. Moreau of Nottingham, NH says:

I am a Yankees Fan.  Custom Coats For Critters found me some New York Yankees fleece material and made a real nice vest for my little dog, Dusty.  It looks awesome and keeps her warm, too!


These Custom Dog Coats Are Squishy Soft And Comfortable

I make them with the softest and warmest fleece I could find, with some really cool patterns, I must say!  They attach easily with fully adjustable Velcro straps, not bulky and painful hard buckles.


My dogs like to go for long walks, so for safety sake, I sewed some highly reflective ribbons on them, so in case of low visibility or if it was at night, they would be seen from a looooooong ways away by anyone! 



Keep Your Dog Warm And Safe Year Round With A Custom Fleece Dog Coat Or Vest

Individually Handcrafted For YOUR Dog Only!


More Wag, Less Bark

Now My Dogs Are Stylin' And Love To Go Outside


After some individual testing and tweaking, both of my "pride and joys" have their own custom coat!  Each one can now show off their own individual personalities.


Now, your loveable dog, too, can wear their very own custom fitted dog coat!!


It doesn't matter if you want a small dog coat for your Yorkie or a big, extra large dog vest for your Mastiff, or any size in between.....


We can make 'em any size you specify.  See theMeasuring Chart.


Order one today and be Proud of having the "coolest" looking dog on the block.


You'll both feel like a million bucks!!


Thanks for looking and feel free to take a peek at our Photo Gallery!!! 


Deanna St. Hilaire


Kerrie Bakutis

Dusty from N.H.

Chili from Michigan

Dottie from Nevada


Custom Coats For Critters

Joy, loving her new cat nip toy as her owner, Georgette, sits by watching her play!